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5thNK owners of www.eCopySoftware.com & www.ITTakesaTeam.net
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                     206 452 3331 (Humans will answer) from Seattle WA 
Sales@5thNK.com or/and Sales@eCopySoftware.com or/and Sales@ITTakesaTeam.net

#1 one asked question is... What is the difference between the two programs. #1 Answer we give is... Paperworks has the exact same user experience as eCopy Desktop software versions 8.x and 9.x. PDF Pro is more powerful yet not as easy to use. If you are an eCopy Desktop user you will be happier with Paperworks. 

(5thNK's Motto)  (I)nformation (T)echnology Takes a Team (5thNK's Motto)
Welcome to our web site. 5thNK  pronounced 5th and K has customers worldwide. 5,000 plus eCopy Paperworks and eCopy PDF Pro licenses sold. Free Delivery, Free install, Free Training. 
1992 is when eCopy Inc the company started. We were there, and here we are still. 
2009 is when Microsoft introduced BPOS. We were there and here we are still with 
Microsoft Office 365. We have customers Worldwide. 
Finally we have found it easier to "be found" by search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, by having different web sites represent our solutions. Thus the different web sites. 
5thNK is a street name in Auburn WA in the US of A. As kids... "hey you want to play at 5th and K"? 
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Recent Posts By Others

  • Just purchased eCopy Paperworks and Scott was very helpful and informative. I love this product. Thanks Scott! Rob
    Like ·  · 4 hours ago near Dana Point, CA  July 3rd 2012 
  • This company is the BEST. Tried calling E-copy directly and couldn't get in touch with them they are impossible. But called 5thnk and they knew exactly what I was talking about and sent us what we needed. You guys are amazing thank you so much for all of your help!!!!
    Unlike ·  · June 28 at 12:28pm
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  • I purchased eCopy after a recommendation from one of the suppliers of our photocopier and was immediately impressed with the software, we have now purchased an additional 5 user license pack.
    Like ·  · May 15 at 3:44pm
  • I have been using eCopy for the past year or so and I LOVE IT! I don't know what I would do without it. It saves me so much time and hassle with paperwork. It is clean and easy to use. And the support is always there if you need it. I think that anyone who deals with paperwork should have eCopy. Invaluable!
    Unlike ·  · April 5 at 11:45am


Recommendations for 5thNK

  • I used eCopy religiously for 1 year... And when i stopped using it part of my work day felt empty and very

    unproductive.. Just bought it again, could never work without it!
    about a week ago
  • Been using E-Copy for many years now. It's great for being able to scan/edit document in PDF format. I

    would recommend this software to everyone.
    about a month ago
  • Just a note to say that I love eCopy Paoerworks! Super useful software, and excellent support from Scott

    Salisbury...I recommend it!
    about 5 months ago · Like · 
  • How did I ever do without eCopy? I use it everyday and don't know what I would do without it. Give it a try

    and you will be hooked. Scott goes above and beyond to answer your questions and work out any difficulties

    that you may have. Love, Love, Love eCopy Paperworks. ♥♥♥♥♥
    about 6 months ago · Like · 
  • LOVE this software, seriously! It has made working with PDFs so easy (and great customer support with a

    personal phone call right away when I needed help). Looking for PDF software that allows you to edit,

    whiteout, add signature, email, convert to Word and more, than I highly recommend eCopy Paperworks!
    about 7 months ago · Like · 
  • Love ecopy! Thanks for the call yesterday and helped me with Paperworks...this is just like desktop!

    about 9 months ago · Like · 
  • Scott is always very responsive and quick to help. I definitely recommend working with 5thNK
    about 9 months ago · Like · 


eCopy Software Sales and Support

8:24 AM  -  Public July 2nd 2012 NEW eCopy Paperworks Customer 
A.Y. McDonald Manufacturing Thank You. www.eCopySoftware.com We e-delivered in 15 minutes. Or if you will 2 minutes after Google Wallet/Checkout approved your purchase. You purchased a 5pack of eCopy Paperworks. Best Regards, Delivery fulfillment. Parent company www.5thNK.com #eCopy   
A.Y. McDonald »
A.Y. McDonald Manufacturers Waterworks Brass, Plumbing Valves, Pumps and Water Systems, and High Pressure Gas Valves and Meter Bars
www.eCopySoftware.com (e-delivered in 15 minutes) 


#eCopypaperworks  ERO-TEX from Wisconsin. Thank you for stopping bywww.eCopySoftware.com to buy eCopy Paperworks. You used Google Wallet. We e-delivered in less than 20 minutes. #eCopy
ERO-TEX The Ground Control Leaders | Home Page »
Welcome to ERO-TEX, where our mission is to provide quality materials, technical support and professional services for ground stabilization and natural resource protection. Thank you for considering E...
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Professional Title Services Thank for stopping by and buying eCopy Paperworks. you used Secure Google Wallet. We e-delivered to you.www.eCopySoftware.com Thank you! #eCopy   #papeworks  
Pro Title Services »
Welcome! Pro Title Services is a full service title and abstract company dedicated to delivering accurate and timely real estate information throughout the state of South Carolina. We offer a wide arr...
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eCopy Software NEW Customer with 55,000 plus employees this marks one of 5thNK's largest customers to date. e-Delivery from Seattle WA to Makati City, Philippines, no problem. Thanks Aegis www.eCopySoftware.com 
BPO Outsourcing, BPO Company, BPO Solutions, BPO Services - Aegis BPO »
BPO Company - Aegis is a leading BPO Outsourcing Solutions Company, aegis provides Business Process Outsourcing Services & Top BPO services to you as per your company requirements.
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eCopy Software REPEAT CUSTOMER  Professional Concepts Insurance Agency. Thank You Folks for coming back to www.eCopySoftware.com and once again buying eCopy Paperworks. You used Secure Google Checkout. We delivered in 20 minutes 
Professional Concepts Insurance Agency (PCIA) | Affordable Michigan and Indiana Insurance | Brighton Michigan Insurance Company | Also Serving Illinois and Ohio »
If you want insurance from a top Michigan insurance company, contact Professional Concepts Insurance Agency (PCIA). As Michigan and Indiana insurance experts we are able to get you the best deals on t...
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eCopy Software NEW Customer PdPeterka And Associates You folks purchased paperworks. You stopped by www.eCopySoftware.com you used Google Secure Checkout. Thanks again from 5thNK pronounced 5th and K 
PdPeterka - Making Outsourcing a Comfortable Choice! »
Phone: 262.284.8920 ● Fax: 262.284.8921. Home · Facilities · Contacts · Testimonials · Projects · Services We handle your biggest production problems.... So you can handle your biggest opportunities! ...
100's more. 

Have you traveled this far? Well then you get better pricing.

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5thNK  We at 5thNK do this every day! 
"We are the BEST Microsoft Office 365 Partner in the World"

Information Technology Takes a Team. Our team officially became an exclusive member of Microsoft's 150 Club. We currently have under contract as of April 16, 2012 195 users. August of 2009 through April of 2012.  A 3 year journey paves the way to the next 10 years being a Microsoft Office 365 Partner. 
You want fancy go somewhere else! You want a team that gets it it done? 
Information Technology Takes a Team

5thNK's Sales Rep from Microsoft 

Justin Bowers  | Microsoft

Partner Business Development Manager -Northwest

   Work:  425.706.2416

   Mail:  jubowers@microsoft.com